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How does it work ?


You should always disinfect your derma roller first with our sanitizer. Wash it with hot water at first, then spray up to 3 times to make sure you cover the entire surface of the derma roller.

Our derma roller is equipped with 450 microscopic needles that basically create a lot of very small wounds in your skin. Your body will then start its natural healing process and send "recovery" cells to these wounds. 

At this stage your skin will absorb up to 5 times as much of our Activator Serum© than it normally would



Now the derma roller comes to play. Make sure to cover your whole beard, or the place where you want to boost your hair growth. Roll up and down 10 times on your left cheek, your right cheek and don't forget the area under the chin.




The last step is to apply our Activator Serum. This serum activates your 'sleeping' hair follicles and stimulate your skin to grow new hair. 

It is filled with 3 natural ingredients that will not only boost your hair growth, but also keep it healthy and good looking. 


If it doesn't work, do i really get my money back?

Yes, we really do make sure you get your money back when you do not see any results after using our beard kit. We are able to do this because we are very confident all of our customers will be more than happy with the beard growth results.

How long will it take to grow a full beard ?

This is a hard question because every body is different. The important thing is to not expect to grow a beard overnight, this is impossible. Our products will speed up your growth process up to 5 times, but growing a beard will take some time. For most of our customers it took at least 105 days to grow a full beard. 

If you start your beard journey with no beard at all it will take at least 135 days. 

How often should i use the Beard Growth Kit ?

Use our roller twice a week and use the Activator Serum© 5 times per week.

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